When Life Gets In the Way…Push Past and Move On

Life gets in the way

Oh man…has life ever just jumped in the way and caused you a major train wreck?  It’s been that way for some time now and my plans of working on my writing, learning to paint and learning meditation came to a grinding halt.  Things are settling down and I’m starting to see things on the horizon.  I’ve been able to find a software for my writing that I feel will help me stay focused and on track to be able to move forward and make headway on my books.  If I am able to play my cards write (that was not a typo by the way) I hope to have my final draft ready for submission in the spring of 2014.  I will be doing a review on The Novel Factory software as I move through the writing process of the novel I’m working on.

The Writing On the Wall

Plot Wall
I’ve seen a few of these out there and will go into more detail as mine develops. Plotting on an available wall in your home will be a great way to storyboard your novel. What is even better is it does not have to be an expensive attempt. You do have to be careful not to pull off paint or your wallboard. I found a great inexpensive item to start at Home Depot – Wallpops. It is a peel-n-stick dry erase board which is about 17.5″ x 24″. To start I bought two which I put side by side to get a 48″ length on the wall I’m using. The dry erase feature is a bonus, but this allows me an area which I can put post-its, tape index cards or paper without damaging the wall. They cost about $9 each. I’ve seen more expensive and larger ones, but am not willing to spend the money on that now. What I found offers a great inexpensive start to allowing me to plot or storyboard on my wall.I’ll come back to this image as it changes and as I begin to take my plot from Evernote to my Plot Wall.

Some More Points On Writing the Thriller

Here are some more points on writing the thriller novel.
  • An opening that grabs drags you in
  • A likeable, resourceful hero
  • A cunning villain (or more than one)
  • A riveting plot with lots of intrigue
  • Tension and conflict
  • Fast pacing, to-the-point writing
  • An unexpected conclusion


That’s My Story and I’m Stickn’ To It

Of course I’ll have to change names to protect my wife, but one of the reasons I started a personal blog was to eventually move it from blog to somewhat of a personal memoir or auto-biography. I’m working on a book project now and hope to complete it by the end of 2012, then seeking publication of that book. After that project, I most likely will be pursuing taking my personal blog – coming out as Lesbian, the trials during my marriage, life after coming out and yes all that went after that as well. Sometimes you meet people in your life which cause you such strife, heartache and misery and yes even some people who fall into the class of sociopath or some other medical disorder. It is my hope that such things shared about such people and that includes the disrupted family members who enabled such people and how the same such people have harbored such hatred, anger toward a family member. As I said names will be changed to protect my wife, but the hard truth as we experienced it will be there. Maybe such words will help others in their journey coming out or in familial issues which may be similar. Also – perhaps if my warnings to avoid such people who have mental issues or sociopathic behavior can help others not have their lives affected in devastating ways, then this attempt will be worth the trip.

Some Tips For the Beginning Writer

helpful tips

So, you’re a new writer and are struggling with just moving forward? I was there – I think actually for years, until I had a great discovery. Here are some things which worked for me.

  • Create an outline.  There are proponents for and against this technique.  Remember an outline is not carved in stone…it’s just that an outline or a guide to help you focus on moving the storyline forward.  Each main point can be the Act structure and sub-points following can be the scenes and sub-plots.  Simple and effective.
  • Determine your book’s word count.  Once you determine the genre you are writing in do some research to decide how many words a potential publisher would need then pick the magic number you will shoot for.
  • Choose how many words per day you will commit to writing.  Ok let’s face it we are new writers and the big boys probably sit down and write well more than a thousand words per day, but they also probably don’t have another job right?  I know I have not quit my day job yet, so my time daily is limited with work and other daily life, so I needed to select a word count I would shoot for daily that was manageable.  A sub-set to this is that once you choose your daily word count you will also be able to determine when your book will be completed.  The easy way to do this is to take your book’s total estimated word count – say 65,000 and divide this by your estimated daily word goal – let’s say 500 and your answer is how many days to complete your novel’s project.  The answer here is 130 days to complete a novel of 65,000 words with a daily word goal of 500.
  • Pick your time and place to work.  All of our schedules are different, so look at your time and carve out a time which will work for you…and a place which will allow you to focus.